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InnovaSec is a specialist consultancy in cyber and physical security technology

In an increasingly connected world, there are ever more cyber-physical systems whose functions range from making our lives safer and easier to providing us with the food, water and power we need to live. InnovaSec was founded to help secure this generation of systems, where IT and physics meet.

We work with senior users and providers to close the gap between what is needed and what is available

We have worked in the security market in Europe and the US for well over a decade. We are familiar with the apparent market fragmentation seen on both the demand and the supply side. In the last two years, we have analysed trade flows and quantified this fragmentation for the EU as part of a European study. The results of this analysis are currently in use by a number of public and private sector organisations for supporting market sizing activities. Because we have been active in this area for some time, we have worked for many users and with a substantial number of supply side partners. We keep abreast of emerging needs and offerings.

We understand business realities and offer our technical and commercial expertise to help you reach your goals

To complement our technical and marketing offerings we bring experience of managing and directing both small and large businesses. Our staff are aware of the constraints and objectives in running a successful business and we use a partnering approach to help our clients achieve their goals. Because the cyber-physical area spans multiple disciplines we are used to team working and often work with business managers and leaders, legal and ethics experts, physicists and mathematicians, as well as engineers from a variety of different disciplines.

"We get fired up by your desire to explore new places. We use our knowledge of the terrain and our experience of undertaking difficult journeys. We are committed to helping you complete your journey successfully. We will lend our strengths where they are needed, be it carrying the load or navigating."