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InnovaSec is a specialist in cyber-physical security technology

Cyber-physical systems abound in our increasingly connected world. They make can our lives safer and easier but introduce potential vulnerabilities. They support food production and supply the water and power we need to live.
InnovaSec contributes innovative technology to the security of these systems where IT, physical assets and people coexist.

What we do

We work at the forefront of technology in:

  • Capturing and analysing user needs
  • Working with industry and researchers, using System Engineering, to develop technical solutions
  • Analysing accessible markets, developing market entry strategies and business plans
  • Identifying and protecting IP.

Latest developments

We are currently engaged with other European organisations in a major, new, exciting project for protecting seaports against combined cyber-physical attacks. See SAURON under the projects tab.

“I take the vision which comes from dreams and apply the magic of science and mathematics adding the heritage of my profession to create a design.”

(Written by a junior engineer on a note pinned to a door of a site hut on India’s Konkan Railway.)