Passenger screening

Our client

This project is being funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and is aimed at clients worldwide who manage public spaces and transport hubs, especially at airports.

The problem

Service providers need to ensure passenger safety and balance this with minimum disruption to passengers as they pass through security screening. This project works towards developing a high-throughput, high probability of detection, low false alarm rate screening system for people in scenarios such as airport central search.

How we helped

This project is ongoing. It will develop, demonstrate and trial a pilot system based on multiple novel non-invasive technologies.

InnovaSec forms part of the project consortium as a result of its excellent knowledge of the global airport screening market and its deep technical knowledge of high-frequency imaging technology. (One of our directors is a world expert in this area.)


  • Identified and engaged with additional consortium partners, who provide complementary expertise in providing routes to commercial exploitation of the resulting product(s), during the bidding stage
  • As a full project partner, InnovaSec is responsible for identifying user and systems requirements using a structured systems engineering approach
  • InnoaSec will provide the technical management and exploitation strategy for the project
  • By engaging with international end users in the form of the European Association of Airport and Seaport Police (EAASP), InnovaSec will ensure that the project remains aligned with the wider user needs of the likely customers and their regulators


This project is on-going and is currently being carried out by a consortium drawn from several EU member states.

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