Enabling R&D bids into EU FP7

Our client

The recently established European research centre for a major international business. The centre, which is based in the EU, conducts research in a number of domains including energy management and security at a district level. The results from the research directly augment the product and service offerings of the operating companies in the group.

The problem

Our client appreciated that EU expertise and funding could provide a major boost to its research activities, but had limited knowledge of the best way of accessing such funding or building appropriate consortia.

How we helped

Having successfully bid over a dozen EU projects, we were asked to assist the research centre in submitting one or more successful bids for European funding.

  • We helped our client understand the European security market.
  • We introduced our client to timelines and approaches to bidding and winning the Seventh EU Framework Programme (FP7), which provides over 50 billion of research funding over seven years.
  • A key aspect of FP7 research projects is the requirement to form multi-national consortia which will promote mobility across national borders. We put our client in touch with several possible consortium members and helped them understand the different cultural and technical strengths and weaknesses of these potential partners.


The client's first bid under FP7 was successful, and this was followed by a further six projects in two years. Thanks to the increased funding, staff numbers at the research centre have doubled over the past two years.